Air Barrier System

Clean Air Cocoon For the Optimal Surgery Environment

“ABS is today’s solution to surgical wound contamination due to airborne particulates”

  • ABS has been shown to reduce bacterial density at the incision site by up to 84%
  • The clean air cocoon measures 20″ long, 6″ wide and 2″ high
  • The ABS nozzle rests securely near the surgical site without inhibiting the surgeon’s ability to use a customary surgical approach

The Air Barrier System has been shown in randomized, controlled trials to reduce the presence of potentially infection-causing airborne bacteria at surgical incision sites by more than 84%. This innovative technology can play a very important role in minimizing the risk of surgical site contamination during implant surgery. The Air Barrier System allows the surgeon to create a purified air environment around every incision for every patient.

The set-up is simple and easy to use. There are two pieces: a blower unit that provides filtered air into a sterile, disposable nozzle that is attached by Velcro adjacent to the incision. Before the incision, simply turn on the blower unit and the ABS then delivers a constant flow of purified air over the incision site that prevents microbes from entering the wound.

Click here to print out an ABS product information sheet for yourself and your physician.

Hip Vise

Maximum Stability, Access, and Comfort

Developed by a leading orthopedic surgeon to include a number of benefit-driven design benefits:

  1. Adjustable pelvic positioners
  2. Quick attachment
  3. Adjustable arm support
  4. Removable work platform
  5. Intra-operative radiological assessment

Designed especially for hip and pelvic surgeries

Positions the patient securely and comfortably on the operating table during hip and pelvic surgery

Compact and portable with a wheeled cart for transport and storage