Placing the OR Environment Back into Your Control

Many infections occurring after prosthesis implantation and other highly-invasive procedures are caused by skin bacteria shed into the operating room air. Nimbic Systems has created a technology to reduce the presence of these organisms so you can make every incision in an ultraclean and controlled environment. The Air Barrier System (ABS) is an innovative approach which shields incisions from airborne bacteria in the operating room. Even in a dynamic and unpredictable environment such as the operating room, physicians can rely on the localized shielding effect of the Air Barrier System.

Technical Description

The Air Barrier System is a portable device for use in a surgical operating room that produces a directed, non-turbulent flow of air to the surgical site. The air flow from the device is HEPA-filtered to reduce the presence of particulate matter and microorganisms at the surgical site during hip arthroplasty and posterior spine surgery. The ABS Nozzle is intended to be used only where:

  1. It can be placed on an anatomical surface with no gap between the bottom of the nozzle and the surface.
  2. The incision plane is parallel to the direction of airflow.
  3. The incision dimensions are within: 6″ (15.2 cm) in width and 20″ (50.8 cm) in length. Device effectiveness may not be reliably detectable at a distance of 20 inches from the Nozzle, and effectiveness depreciates beyond this specified area.

Click here to print out an ABS product information sheet for yourself and your physician.

Our Products

Air Barrier System

Today's solution to surgical wound contamination due to airborne micro organisms.


Lateral patient positioning system for hip and pelvic surgeries.