An Optimum Environment for Surgical Procedures

Our goal is to minimize the presence of potentially infection-causing contaminants during patients’ surgeries. Our novel approach brings an ultra pure operating environment to each and every incision. This provides the surgeon an area shielded from airborne bacteria for the duration of your procedure. Using our technology, your physician is providing the latest in care to protect you from airborne contamination.

Innovative Air Barrier Technology

The Air Barrier System (ABS) is a technology developed by the engineers at Nimbic Systems to reduce the presence of airborne contaminants at incision sites. It does so by using two pieces of equipment, a high-purity filter and an air emitter that is placed near incisions throughout the duration of surgery. The gentle, ultraclean air emitted over the incision creates a protective cocoon that helps shield the incision area from potentially infection-causing bacteria present in the operating room environment.

For more information about the Air Barrier System, see the Products page and informational video.

Information for You and Your Physician:

Click here to print out an ABS product information sheet for yourself and your physician.

Our Products

Air Barrier System

Today's solution to surgical wound contamination due to airborne micro organisms.


Lateral patient positioning system for hip and pelvic surgeries.