About Us

Our Mission

Nimbic Systems seeks to develop technologies that can be employed in operating rooms to reduce the risk of surgical infections.

There is a risk of infection in any surgical procedure. At Nimbic Systems, our focus is to minimize the impact of common avenues of infection by reducing the likelihood of incision site contamination in the first place. We believe that targeted and cost-effective preventative care promotes patients’ physical and emotional health, and protects their financial security.

Our Company

Nimbic Systems, Inc. is a medical device company located just outside of Houston, Texas. Founded in 2007, the Company started with the vision to create devices to protect patients during surgery.

Our latest technology, the Air Barrier System (ABS), is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in hip and posterior spine surgery. Current clinical trials funded through the National Institutes of Health are geared toward expanding the uses of the ABS in the near future.

FCOI Policy

Our Products

Air Barrier System

Today's solution to surgical wound contamination due to airborne micro organisms.


Lateral patient positioning system for hip and pelvic surgeries.